Map. History of Poland conflict

25 July 2017
Head of PiS parliamentary group: We're slightly concerned by the fact that the president didn't cut himself off from pressures of the street
PiS parliamentary caucus says "There's no war at the top"
Leader of PiS parliamentary club: "we don't want the street to exert an influence on the legislative process in Poland."
Russian Federation Council asked Putin to introduce sanctions against Poland cause of law on Soviet monuments
Andrzej Duda just gave the Justice Minister the right to dismiss and appoint court presidents, who influence which judges sit on which cases
President @AndrzejDuda signed amendments to the law on courts of General jurisdiction
Poland's Foreign Minister suggests other European countries may be planning terrorist attacks in Poland in order to bring down PiS
Rally in Lublin
At protest outside Poland's presidential palace. Young, energetic crowd. Now singing "Ode to Joy" in Polish.
Rally in Krakow tonight
@AndrzejDuda: in the near future I will introduce new versions of the judiciary reform projects
President Duda and PM Szydło giving speeches in the same time in different tv saying different things about judicial laws.
@BeataSzydlo: we must not succumb to pressure from the street and abroad; fix Poland
PM Szydło says "Poles" still want her govt to overhaul judiciary, ignores all criticism from Duda, EU, US, judges
#Prezydent: without reform of the justice system there is no way to build a just state; the changes are necessary
Rally at Presidetial Palace in Warsaw as 1 law to veto left
Rally at Presidential palace in Warsaw
In Belvedere began meeting of President @AndrzejDuda and Prime @BeataSzydlo and PMs of the Sejm and Senate
Meeting of President @AndrzejDuda with the First Chairman of Supreme court and Chairman of the KRS
Highest Catholic Church official in Poland thanks President Duda for his veto, stresses that separation of powers is essential for democracy
Police detain protesters in front of the PiS HQ, for violation of public order.
Once the protesters reached the headquarters @pisorgpl. Police blocked the section of the street leading to the building of the party.
PM Beata Szydlo has just entered PiS headquarters in Warsaw' Nowogrodzka street to take part in meeting of top party officials - TV
Sikorski: we showed that we are Poland, Europe and not Russia.
A spokesman for President: Andrzej Duda will sign the law on the regular courts.
Polish President vetoes Supreme Court reforms
.@AndrzejDuda: Poland needs peace. As President, I feel responsible
.@AndrzejDuda: Poland needs reform, but a wise one that will provide good effect and will increase the sense of justice.
Poland's President @AndrzejDuda vetoes the Supreme Court bill and the National Judiciary Council bill
President @AndrzejDuda has vetoed the law on the Supreme Court.