8 December 2023
US aircraft to Poland
Mariusz Błaszczak: Preparations are underway to receive the main forces of the Brigade Combat Group from the 82nd Airborne Division. There is already a preparatory group in Poland. In total, 1,700 soldiers will be added as part of the transfer. This is a clear signal of allied solidarity in response to the situation in Ukraine
82nd Airborne paratroopers off to Europe1 year ago
82nd Airborne paratroopers off to Europe
1 year ago
Prime Minister Mateusz @MorawieckiM and Prime Minister of the Czech Republic @P_Fiala signed an agreement in Prague on the Turów coal mine
Poland's President Duda will present China's Xi with a "different, European perspective" on Ukraine during his trip to Beijing to attend the Winter Olympics, his office told @POLITICOEurope
Aerial activity near Brest1 year ago
Aerial activity near Brest
.@NATO SecGen welcomes US decision to send more troops to the alliance's Eastern Flank - Poland, Romania, Germany. "This is a powerful signal of US commitment" per @jensstoltenberg
1 year ago
Says @82ndABNDiv will send 2,000 - part of infantry brigade combat team - and 18th Airborne Corps will send headquarters element to Poland - these are on top of the 8,500 on heightened alert
The head of the National Security Bureau assured that Poland is considering the "variant of a mass exodus" of refugees from Ukraine in the event of a possible conflict
US will deploy more than 3,000 troops to Poland, Germany and Romania amid Ukraine crisis: WSJ
USAF E8C Joint STARS REDEYE6 en route to Ukraine1 year ago
USAF E8C Joint STARS REDEYE6 en route to Ukraine
The general court of the EU today slapped down the complaints directed by Poland at the European Commission regarding its 2018 settlement with Gazprom on it market behaviour in eastern and central Europe
US told Kremlin it's willing to discuss giving Russia a way to verify there aren't Tomahawk cruise missiles stationed at NATO bases in Romania and Poland—on condition Russia shares similar info on certain bases in Russia, sources tell @JenniferJJacobs, @AlbertoNardelli and Henry Meyer
1 year ago
"We are ready to give Ukraine tens of thousands in artillery and ammunitions rounds, but also surface-to-air weapons of the Grom class and light mortar systems, as well as drones," PM Morawiecki said
1 year ago
Prime Minister @MorawieckiM says in Kyiv that "foreign ministers are working on a possible format that could bring closer cooperation in many fields between Poland, Ukraine and Great Britain"
1 year ago
Prime Minister @MorawieckiM in Kyiv: NS2 is a powerful threat to peace in Europe; together we appeal to the Germans not to open this gas pipeline, you cannot sign your solidarity with Ukraine with one hand and certify NS2 with the other hand
1 year ago
Kyiv: Prime Minister @MorawieckiM ensures that we are ready to support Ukraine in both gas, defense and humanitarian issues
Polish Air Force C-295M transport aircraft decending for Kyiv. This comes hours after Poland promised material support for Ukraine1 year ago
Polish Air Force C-295M transport aircraft decending for Kyiv. This comes hours after Poland promised material support for Ukraine
Polish Sejm has adopted resolution on solidarity with Ukraine
USArmy CL-600 ARTEMIS N488CR over Poland, watching Kaliningrad and Belarus1 year ago
USArmy CL-600 ARTEMIS N488CR over Poland, watching Kaliningrad and Belarus
SecDef: I spoke today with Polish Defense Minister @mblaszczak about Russia's military buildup around Ukraine. Our continuing close security relationship with Poland is critical to deterrence along @NATO's Eastern Flank.
Chief of National Security Bureau of Poland: We are definitely not observing any de-escalation. As a result of all these talks, contacts on three levels - Russia-US, Russia-NATO, Russia in OSCE - we are not observing any signals from Russia that there is a de-escalation
@citizenlab: we confirm 2 new cases of Pegasus hacking in Poland. @EKOlodziejczak_ started a movement that threatened to eat away at ruling party's votes. Tomasz Szwejgiert was writing a book about head of Poland's secret services. Story: @VanessaGera
Viktor Orban joins @Santi_ABASCAL and @MorawieckiM at the summit of conservative party leaders this weekend in Madrid, MTI writes
Duda: I announce the National Security Council, I want it to be held on Friday
It is safe to talk about NATO unity when it comes to the most important partners. We discussed the actions that could be taken if there was a Russian aggression - president @andrzejduda after allied consultations organized by @potus @joebiden
.@SecDef has placed "a range of units on a heightened readiness to deploy" - about 8,500 personnel - per @PentagonPresSec
Psaki on additional US troops to eastern flank NATO allies: "We have never ruled out the option of providing additional assistance in advance of an invasion. Those discussions have been ongoing"
White House says there is no plan to evacuate Americans from Ukraine with military assets. Psaki says people are being encouraged to leave by commercial aircraft
1 year ago
The head of the State Border Committee of Belarus said that he authorized the use of weapons in an attempt to capture the Belarusian border guards by the Polish security forces