Map. History of Poland conflict

25 October 2020
Belarus OTR-21 Tochka at the Grodno Region on the border with Lithuania and Poland during the military manoeuvres2 month ago
Belarus OTR-21 Tochka at the Grodno Region on the border with Lithuania and Poland during the military manoeuvres
Lukashenka said that Belarus will not be left alone with external enemies.
Lukashenka: I'm ordering the West Operative Command to take under the strictest control the movement of all military units of NATO's neighbors. Strengthen security along the entire perimeter of the state border
Lukashenka: There are many who want to take away the Belarusian territory, especially its western part; The instigators of the riots in the republic are located near Warsaw and Vilnius; Belarus will cope with the crisis without the CSTO
AWACS from Krakow circled over Warsaw, was deployed to Krakow as part of a drill
AWACS orbits low over Warsaw.
2 month ago
Lukashenka claims that advance of NATO troops towards borders is evidence of military support of destabilization
2 month ago
Lukashenka ordered to use "the toughest measures" to protect the territorial integrity of Belarus
Lukashenka has arrived at Hoza military training area in Hrodna region at the border of Lithuania and Poland2 month ago
Lukashenka has arrived at Hoza military training area in Hrodna region at the border of Lithuania and Poland
2 month ago
Lukashenka: "The Fatherland is in danger," "Polish flags have been raised in Hrodna recently. We cannot be joking. Moreover, these are not some weak troops, but NATO"
2 month ago
Lukashenka: special C&C center was created by U.S. near Warsaw, we know everything about its activity
903 new coronavirus cases in Poland; the highest number since the start of the pandemic
2 month ago
Ministry of Defense of Belarus announced tactical drill at Hrodna direction on 28th-31st August
2 month ago
Belarusian ministry of Defense says Lukashenka personally controls a military games near Hrodna with special forces, artillery, rocket troops and air defense
Poland COVID19: - in total infected: 59,378 (+767) - currently infected: 16,972 (+373) - deaths: 1,925 (+12) - recovered: 40,481 (+382) - hospitalized: 2,110 (+13) Over 25,500 tests were performed during the day - Ministry of Health
Jacek Czaputowicz, head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland, resigns
Lithuania's Prime Minister Saulius Skvernelis met with Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya.He called her the national leader of Belarus. He wrote in his Facebook post that together with partners in Poland,Latvia and Estonia,they are doing everything to ensure free and fair elections in BY
Polich FM met with Valeriy Tsepkalo
2 month ago
Minister of Defense of Belarus ordered to deploy Tochka surface-to-surface missiles division, MLRS Polonez division, UAVs and air defense at western border
2 month ago
Lukashenka ordered MFA to warn Merkel, Macron, Duda, Nausėda and Zelensky about responsibility for inciting unrest
2 month ago
Lukashenka ordered the Ministry of Defense to monitor the movement of NATO troops to Poland and Lithuania and not hesitate to push Belarusian troops to the directions of their movement
2 month ago
Lukashenka at Security Council: "Minsk will decisively respond to arms rattling from abroad, it is already obvious. Polish flags are being raised in Hrodna. It is unacceptable"
Poland COVID19: - total infected: 58 611 (735) - currently infected: 16 599 (262) - deaths: 1913 (17) - recovered: 40 099 (456) - hospitalized: 2097 (40) Over 28 700 tests were performed during the day - Ministry of Health
Jens Stoltenberg: Important discussion with Poland President @AndrzejDuda on Belarus. Minsk must demonstrate full respect for fundamental rights. NATO poses no threat and has no military buildup in the region. We remain vigilant and ready to defend all Allies
2 month ago
The buildup of the American military presence in Poland exacerbates the already difficult situation along the western borders of Russia, the Russian Foreign Ministry said.
2 month ago
Airborne troops brigade is being deployed to Hoza military training area at Lithuania border to enforce the border - Ministry of Defense of Belarus
2 month ago
Lukashenko: Lithuania, Poland and unfortunately our native Ukraine are calling for new elections
Poland COVID19: - total infected: 56,684 (594) - currently infected: 15,677 (309) - deaths: 1,877 (8) - recovered: 39,130 (277) - hospitalized: 2,035 (7) Over 16,600 tests were performed during the day - MZ
Belarus ex presidential candidate Valery Tsepkalo moving to Poland together with his family. Yesterday was put on a wanted list by Moscow. Likely an automatic thing since Russia and Belarus have shared search databases
2 month ago
Lukashenka said he and his generals are worried about the military build-up and escalation in neighboring Poland and Lithuania, where NATO exercises are taking place.
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