Map. History of Poland conflict

24 June 2017
New Poland poll: PiS 41%, main opposition (PO and Nowoczesna): 26 + 7%. Record for PiS in this poll
RuAF VHF traffic in Baltic Sea consistent with Su27 QRA fighter
Poland wants to halt Nord Stream 2 pipeline
Jan Szyszko: we want Bialowiezka Forest to be the example for whole Europe
Polish military helicopter with six people on board crashed today near Padua, Italy
The Polish Sejm voted to demolish hundreds of monuments to Soviet soldiers
Troops from US, UK and other NATO countries train in and around the #SuwalkiGap on Poland-Lithuania border
.@NATO video #eFP #BGPOL and #BGLTU crossing wet gap - a perfect example of Allies' interoperability & capabilities during Ex SaberStrike 17
DefMin @Macierewicz_A observes international exercise #IronWolf 2017 in Lithuania
Demonstration of interoperability during #DVDay of exercise #IronWolf with German-led eFP battlegroup in Lithuania
B-1s at #SaberStrike17
Iron Wolf/Saber Strike exercise aims at demonstrating alliance can bring its forces together to keep open supply lines in conflict
Bridge on bridge. #SaberStrike17
Two-day tactical Road March across sovereign .@NATO borders arrived to Rukla, Lithuania
Jens Stoltenberg: NATO multinational battlegroups in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland are now in place. I thank UK, Canada, Germany and U.S for being lead nations & all Allies for support.
More than 4.000 troops in battlegroups deployed in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland serving a common purpose: defend NATO and deter aggression - @jensstoltenberg
Family photo of the participants of today's V4 and Benelux countries' meeting that is taking place in Warsaw.
U.S. and British troops have carried out the first large-scale NATO defensive drill on the border between Poland and Lithuania, rehearsing for a possible scenario in which Russia might try to sever the Baltic states from the rest of the Western alliance
Polish air force F-16s refueling from KC-135R Stratotanker during #BALTOPS over Latvia, June 14, 2017
#BALTOPS 17 - Poland-hosted Baltic Sea multinational, maritime-focused NATO exercise caught on camera
EU launches legal action against Hungary, Poland, Czechs over refugees
Procession in memory of the fighters of the UPR in Przemysl took place without provocations
First visa free train from Kyiv to Poland
Ukrainian army is taking part in «Combined Resolve VIII» drill
Ukrainian army is taking part in «Combined Resolve VIII» drill
President of the United States Donald Trump to visit Poland on July 6
Poland charges Russian citizen with being ISIS mercenary in Syria
US welcomes arrival of first US liquefied natural gas shipment to Central Europe, which arrived in Poland on 6/7.
USAF RC135U Combat Sent pinging, west of Kaliningrad on daily flight
"Slavic Brootherhood" drill has started near Brest
FGS Bonn, Air Defense Exercise ADEX, FGS Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, and an amphibious assault by Marines aboard ORP Krakow #BALTOPS