Map. History of Poland conflict

21 August 2017
US, UK, Georgia, Canada, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Latvia, Romania and Estonia troops will parade in Kyiv on Aug 24.
Saakashvilli promised to return to Ukraine on 10 September
300 people were evacuated from Chopin Airport due to left luggage
Video of parade in Warsaw
Ukrainian Mindef @poltorak is present
Military vehicles on the #ŚwiętoWP parade
Allies marching at the parade for Polish Armed forces day
Polish Air force fly over in Warsaw
President awarded the commander of the US Land Forces in Europe, General Ben Hodges
President Duda has arrived
Parade in Lublin
Tanks for Polish Armed forces day parade
Salute in honor of Armed forces in Łódź
At 12:00 Warsaw time parade for Armed Forces Day of Poland to begin
Ukrainian border guards seized 27 kgs of drugs in smuggling attempt on Poland border
Ukrainian border guards seized 27 kgs of drugs in smuggling attempt on Poland border
@AndrzejDuda sent a message of condolence to the president of Egypt
Four people died as a result of storms over Poland
NATO and eFP allies are also ready to attempt a parade on the occasion of the Polish army
NATO fighter jets again intercepted Russian aircraft over the Baltic sea
Russia refutes the statements of Poland about the explosion on the Kaczynski plane
Ammonia leakage at the Hochland plant in Kazimierz, Poland. 267 people evacuated employees
.@Makeiev: Poland is our strategic partner, should seriously take Ukraine concern about new passports
@SenWarren: As Russia engages in aggressive, destabilizing activity in the region, it's important for allies like Poland to know the US has their backs.
I've also been visiting our troops in Poznan and Powidz, and yesterday in Powidz I got to spend time with a unit from Brockton, MA.
For the last few days, I've been in Poland, meeting with US and Polish officials and learning more about Army operations across Eastern Europe.
Commision on Smolensk catastrophe: numerous destruction of left wing Tu-154M bear traces of explosion; Destruction of the wings started before the crash
President Andrzej Duda havs announced that on August 15 will be held the ceremony of nominations of generals in the Armed Forces of Poland
@MSWiA_GOV_PL: The final decision what motives will be included in the new passports will be taken in September
Ukrainian MFA on the "Cemetery of the Defenders of L'viv" on the passport: it's unfriendly step
Members of Congress visit Poland, meet with US and PL armed forces who are training to keep NATO's eastern flank secure Fot: US CG Krakow