Map. History of Poland conflict

20 October 2017
PM Szydlo - Erdogan meeting was cancelled
The F22 Raptors in Poland
Polish President Duda says hopes Turkey will join EU
Russian Air Force Open Skies Tu154 Heading over Poland at 34,000ft
Poland has found blast recording on Polish presidential flight that crashed in Russia on 2010
Poland says it's repelled a 3rd Russian hacking attack
Support for ruling Law and Justice party (PiS) rises to an all-time high (47%) while opposition is at 16%
Security Agency of Poland has deported Russian citizen Dmitry K from the country, suspected in ties with Russian intelligence
Hungary FM: "Poland can always count on Hungary in debates in the European Union and outside the EU."
@pisorgpl has provided President amendments to law on courts reform
Ukrainian miners blocked the road to the border crossing with Poland Dorohusk-Yagodin. They demand payment of overdue wages. They do not allow trucks.
2nd heel-to-toe #AtlanticResolve rotational unit, @DaggerBDE, executed 1st demo in Poland
Polish President insists country will not be dictated to by the European Union on migrant quotas .
Moscow demands punishment for those who vandalised a war memorial dedicated to Soviet troops in Poland.
'They were geolocating me': Russia is targeting smartphones of NATO troops stationed in Poland and the Baltic states
Ukrainian consulate in Rzeszow was vandalized
McConnell expects disaster request for Puerto Rico recovery soon, says Congress will "act quickly"
Poland urged to fire publisher of works by Holocaust denier
2 Macedonian soldiers awarded by Polish DefMin @Macierewicz_A for outstanding service and coop with Polish soldiers during @ResoluteSupport mission in ??
Demonstration of KOD in Lublin. "The President of the Republic declares that no court is allowed to deal with the constitution"
Protest at the court in Torun, Poland
Gdańsk. Further protests near court
17 warships, 5 aircrafts and over 1000 soldiers of @MarWojRP on #Dragon17
President Duda proposes amendments to Constitution
@AndrzejDuda: The more complicated the case is with the National Court Register Act
Orban met with Szydlo and Kaczynski today
Head of PiS caucus: Meeting with Kaczynski will be Orban's most important meeting in Warsaw today
Former deputies of @Kukiz15 moved to @pisorgpl
[email protected] it is our obligation to eliminate the reasons behind the refugee problem and to restore peoples' right to live in their homes
Presidents Duda and Poroshenko discussed military cooperation, especially during Zapad2017