12 July 2024
The Polish authorities have adopted a decision to close the movement of trucks with Russian and Belarusian numbers across its border from June 1
1 year ago
Polish Border Guards: As a result of the Saturday (20.05) attack of foreigners on a Border Guard patrol, the front window of a company car was damaged. Foreigners react with aggression to patrols standing in their way to the west of Europe. Among the attackers were also masked men
Russian Ambassador Sergey Andreev was summoned to the Polish Foreign Ministry in connection with the incident over the Black Sea, when a Russian Su-35 fighter jet dangerously intercepted a plane of the Polish Border Service
Experts confirm the findings of "Wyborcza": A Russian Kh-55 rocket fell near Bydgoszcz in December
Head of the National Security Bureau of Poland: Dear users, I made sure and you are 100% right. Since yesterday, the official language is OOBWÓD KRÓLEWIECKI. "for the administrative unit in which this city is located, the Polish name of the Krolewiec Oblast is recommended and it is not recommended to use the name Kaliningrad Oblast in Polish. The Commission announced that the change enters into force on the day of its announcement, i.e. on May 9, 2023."
After an all-day meeting of EU ag ministers, EU Ag Commissioner Wojciechowski says there's a compromise on the table to resolve 5 countries' import bans on Ukrainian products
1 year ago
Poland banned importing agricultural products from Ukraine. The regulation in this matter was signed by the Minister of Development and Technology Waldemar Buda after the government authorized him to do so. According to the document - until the end of June, it is forbidden to import grain, sugar and eggs from Ukraine
Prime Minister @MorawieckiM at a briefing with @VP @KamalaHarris: some European politicians betrayed by the Russian bear are looking for agreements with others. But this is the way to divide the West
Polish Minister of Defense confirmed that American F-22 jets now not landed in Poland. Reinforcement for NATO's eastern flank
President of Ukraine Zelensky met with President of Poland Duda in Warsaw during official visit
Polish PM @morawieckim slams IOC recommendations on the return to international competitions for Russian and Belarusian athletes as neutrals. "Scandal and betrayal of the true spirit of sport" - tweeted PolandPoland PM who also ordered minister of sport to pass Poland firm objection to the IOC
1 year ago
President of Ukraine Zelensky had a phone call with President of Poland Duda
1 year ago
Polish volunteer dies from injuries sustained near Bakhmut. A Polish volunteer Marek Mastalerz, died from injuries sustained near Bakhmut, the Nehemiah Initiative wrote on March 27
Deputy Prime Minister @mblaszczak, head of @MON_GOV_PL: Today we are witnessing the inauguration of the permanent presence of the US garrison on Polish soil. This is an important event in the history of Poland and Polish-American relations. We greatly appreciate the fact that US troops are permanently in our country
.@Kaminski_M_, @MSWiA_GOV_PL: In recent days, the Internal Security Agency has detained 9 people suspected of collaborating with the Russian special services. The suspects conducted intelligence activities against Poland and prepared an act of diversion commissioned by Russian intelligence
.@pzydzpl: we believe that Ukraine will be a member of the EU and NATO in the future. It is also in our interest, Ukraine has great potential. Poland and the Czech Republic will be Ukraine's advocates in accession
.@pzydzpl: MIG-29 aircraft remain active in defense of Poland. We are literally shipping them to Ukraine at the moment, we have a dozen of them. In the first place, we hand over fully operational four aircraft. They will be replaced by FA-50 and F-35 machines
The official visit of the President of the Czech Republic @prezidentpavel begins. Poland is the second country, after Slovakia, to be visited by the newly elected president. This is a sign that Polish-Czech relations are very good and both sides want their continuation
EU officials: a Polish medical team has been granted access to Saakashvili. No date yet when they will travel to Georgia. and this is NOT about a transfer of the former President to Poland or elsewhere
The Internal Security Agency of Poland detained six people suspected of spying for Russia
Poland could give Ukraine MiG-29 fighter jets in the coming four to six weeks, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said on Tuesday
.@WasikMaciej: I do not exclude the possibility that we will not have any border traffic with Belarus
PM of Ukraine Shmygal: Leopard 2 tanks are already in Ukraine. Together with Prime Minister @MorawieckiM, we met the first tanks provided by partners. We are grateful to Poland1 year ago
PM of Ukraine Shmygal: Leopard 2 tanks are already in Ukraine. Together with Prime Minister @MorawieckiM, we met the first tanks provided by partners. We are grateful to Poland
PM of Poland @MorawieckiM met with President of Ukraine @ZelenskyyUa1 year ago
PM of Poland @MorawieckiM met with President of Ukraine @ZelenskyyUa
Poland expels a diplomat from Belarus in a reciprocal measure
Minister of Defense of Poland Mariusz Błaszczak: We have started a preventive expansion of security measures on the border with Russia and Belarus. This is part of our defense and deterrence strategy. The first fortifications are already being placed on the border with the Kaliningrad Oblast
Biden addresses the Russian people: "The US and the nations of Europe do not seek to control or destroy Russia. The West was not plotting to attack Russia, as Putin said today. This war was never a necessity. It's a tragedy. President Putin chose this war
Biden on Russian forces: "They have committed depravities. Crimes against humanity, without shame or compunction. They've targeted civilians with death and destruction, used rape as a weapon of war. Stolen Ukrainian children in an attempt to steal Ukraine's future
Biden: "When President Putin ordered his tanks to roll into Ukraine, he thought we would roll over. He was wrong. The Ukrainian people are too brave. we were too unified. Democracy was too strong”
"Kyiv stands strong. . and most important, it stands free" - Biden in Warsaw